“The Sweetest Place on Earth”

Walk His Way

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

Walk it Out

The smell of chocolate cascading through the air.

The shrill echo from a host of roller coaster rants.

The smiles on faces with every turn as hand-painted horses go, round and round.

Hershey, PA – The Sweetest Place on Earth

This little slice of Heaven happens to be neighboring our small community, and the smell alone would beckon a “like” on the latest Facebook post.  We have supported their cause for many years with season passes to Hershey Park – lots of laughter and memories made.  It is worth a peek if you have never been.  Long after the smell of chocolate fades and park passes are put down, a space gives way, and my smile stays.

I have always wanted to be a wife and a mother.  That’s it.  I was not that gal that had higher aspirations.  Little did I know this calling would be one great Everest to climb.  Not once but three times and continuing as the peak is still a way off.

Does Motherhood ever really end?

I did not think about degrees, titles, and monetary benchmarks.  I did not think about how I would, even if I could, change the world one day.  Later, I went on to college as a nontraditional student, earned a degree, and graduated at the top of my class with highest honors.  I was offered two jobs before the ink was dry on my Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) license.  Hold the bells and whistles.  Not because I had a passion to do so, but I was told, “This will be good for you.”  Looking back, the Hands that eventually reached down and rescued me, took what was given, and turned it into something very good.

Those honor marks would come in handy as I was asked to create a clarity in the coursework and teach it to my classmates struggling to pass.  Nurturing others is the stuff us women are made of and helping others made sense.  In hindsight, I can see a teacher was being groomed.

Not by the traditional sense.  

Not necessarily gifted.

Not holding the credits, the world looks for today.  

Not a title I necessarily wanted.

I was chosen and willing to come alongside others and help them learn material that I understood.  God was paving a way.

Although I hold a degree and license in a reputable career in Physical Therapy, I was led to put this aside and nestle into the role of Motherhood.  As I would scour the pages of Scripture, I would learn that a Mother is a teacher and what she would deposit to her precious children would, in fact, make an impact on the world one day.  Gulp!  I had a responsibility placed on me, reminiscent of one terrifying roller coaster ride that took my breath away.  Unlike those park places where you can be left upside down, God doesn’t leave us hanging.

He places our feet so that we can stand firm.  

He gives clear vision and understanding and directs our steps.  

He gives each and every breath we take, and only in His supernatural care are we left breathless.  

He allows adventure to come our way and some of those paths may situate us in awesome wonder.

Our role and responsibility are to trust Him, to lean into His wisdom and discernment, and to seek Him with all diligence and lean not on our own understanding and abilities.  (Proverbs 3:5-6)

My real work resides in my passion of long ago – marriage, children, and trying my hand at guiding this family unit.  This conviction runs deep and spills over into every part of who I am and what I do today.  I simply knew that I was put on this earth to be a wife and a mother.

A product of divorce when I was in sixth grade.  

A part of the problem in a marriage that did not make it.  

A determination that if I was ever granted a second chance, those same steady Hands that held me then would mold and make a pattern worth following today, onward.  

The model that was before me was not perfect, and so, I made it up along the way.  Gathering everywhere I could to find what was good.  A little of this and a little of that.

Confession:  And once I found this perfect pattern, I would not follow it perfectly at all.  


Dear Heavenly Father, we do not know what you have in store for us.  We do know, however, that it is good for those who love you and those called according to your purpose.  Please help us to discern your purpose and to prioritize our lives in order that you may be lifted on high.  We pray that you will be magnified as we care for those around us, beginning right in our homes with our husbands and children or others you place in our direct care.  We pray that you would make us great teachers of truth and tuck these truths into the tiniest of hearts and continuing as night gives way to a new day.  We pray, Oh LORD, that in your great care and character you would take the breath away from others as we proclaim your wondrous ways wherever you lead us beyond our family circle.  Amen

Will you walk with me?

Perhaps you don’t even like theme parks.  Truth be told as I have made my way over the hill of fifty, I am now over these amusements.  I hope never to step foot in one until God blesses me with grandbabies.  Then I will repeat the madness, I mean, the magic!

Perhaps your roles vary and your desires too.  This is exactly what makes this space wonderful!  As we journey together, we can gather from one another:

New insights as sweet as chocolate.  

New discoveries as exciting as a thrilling ride.

Total disagreement on every single thought and word and the freedom to hit delete.  I pray it will only be for a pause.  That you will find your way back, and we would walk again.  

Sameness, as soothing as a ride side by side going, round and round.  Reminiscent that all is good, and together we are situated in the center of God’s will.

This is truly “The sweetest place on earth.”

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