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Walk the Path with You is a blog where women of all ages can come just as you are, right where you are. Here, you are given the freedom to read, answer questions (sometimes tough ones), reflect, and know that you are not alone. Together, we will grow as women in all areas of our lives and encourage one another.

Disclaimer:  I am not a certified counselor or teacher, PhD, detective, scientist or seminary grad.  I do not consider myself to be necessarily strong in the areas of writing and speaking.  I hold a license in physical therapy (no longer practicing) and an expired personal training certification.  I have been a full-time Homemaker with part-time employment over the past 24 years.  God has placed a desire upon my heart to share His Word, one truth at a time.  I teach lessons from the Bible that have been taught to me each week out of our home.  One woman equipping other women and then encouraging them, as a way of life, to pass it on.  (Matthew 18:19-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2)  God has shown me that social media outlets are another way in which His word can go out.  I believe that coming alongside others and living life together is what we all need and what God desires. 

My hope is that as we journey through each scene of life as it unfolds, we will do so as women of purpose!


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for leading the way to new opportunities that glorify you.  Thank you for using an unfit vessel like me to extend your love and care to others.  Amen